GHANA ASSOCIATION OF BONN e.V Auf der hostert 26,53343 Wachtberg.Postfach 200611,53136 Bonn.REG.NR.VR9216

 Wellcome to Ghana Association of Bonn

In order to infuse pride in our heritage and tradition,maximize the collective power of our members,assist in the development of Ghana,provide for the collective social,economics and political needs of all the members of this Association,support the equality of opportunities  and justice for all regardless of social,political and  economic background of our members, we the members of Ghana Association of Bonn-Germany adopt,ordain and ascribe to ourselves the Constitution.............

The objectives of the association include,To seek contacts with other organizations,both public and

private,which relate to project management and to collaborate in matters of  common interest and benefit (to provide the opportunity to socialize).........

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