GHANA ASSOCIATION OF BONN e.V Auf der Hostert 26,53343 Wachtberg.Postfach 200611 Bonn.REG.NR.VR9216

Ghana association of Bonn started since April 2007.Our aim is to build better Ghana.Cultural understanding between living here Ghanaian citizens, other nationalities and also promote the Germans ..Promotion of International Understanding...The Ghanaian culture is to be lived through seminars, workshops, traditional music.The association provides objective and detailed information to all who want to visit Ghana like Members are supported and elucidated in the form of proceedings in administrative matters Moral and other support to the members and their families who find themselves in an emergency situation .The association is also Helping in Building Better Ghana Agenda, with some Projects Like Midwives,Children`s home( Orphanage), Schools, Hospitals, and Old day care centers ,Also acts as a guide for newcomers (students, family members, etc..) From home.Each (same nationality) can join with us. We meet once a month. We look forward to welcoming you to our next member meeting.- To foster peace, unity and harmony amongst Ghanaians and other nationals living in Germany. Because We Believe that "a stranger is only a friend you do not know".- To act as a mediator in solving problems between members.


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